Darrell Panter

Borough Councillor for Panshanger (Welwyn Garden City)

I was born and raised right here in Welwyn Garden City, as were both my parents and their parents before them.  In fact, my great grandfather came here in the in the 1920s and was one of the very first to work in our historical Shredded Wheat factory, until his retirement.  So, a hundred year history!

Closer to the present day, my children all went to school right here, and I attended Stanborough School, as did my mother.  Stanborough proved an excellent grounding and education for me, although my chosen field of work is not academia, I am in a skilled trade.

I have loved living here, and have so many memories of seeing changes happen, of things being built and altering landscapes.  Indeed, the much beloved Shredded Wheat factory is no longer with us, save for the historic silos, and of course we have seen the changes happen at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital – my birthplace, and my mother's workplace as a nurse.

Change happens, and it can mean progress and regeneration But what I want to ensure is that we preserve what is best about our community, that as we grow we don’t lose quality of life, we don’t abandon the garden city principles, that we don’t concrete over all our green spaces. These are all things in the hands of our local Council, and I want to work on your behalf to make sure it does the right things.


email: darrell@welhatlibdems.org.uk

Darrell Panter
Darrell Panter - Borough Councillor for Panshanger (Welwyn Garden City)
Darrell Panter