Tim Rowse

Hatfield South West Councillor

I moved to Hatfield in 1993 to open the Royal Mail site on the new Hatfield Business Park. British Aerospace had just closed and I was pleased to be able to offer new opportunities for the residents of Hatfield. I felt privileged that my daughters could grow up here and attend the great local schools. I recently retired after over 40 years with Royal Mail and now volunteer for a national charity which provides me with a great insight into the many challenges that local residents face, particularly in these unprecedented times.

So why am I a Liberal Democrat? I’m not going to pretend that I agree with every Liberal Democrat policy. People look for easy answers to what are often complex problems and no one party has all the right answers. I know that Liberal Democrats values best represent my own and especially their commitment to personal liberties and freedom of expression. Key for me is the commitment to electoral reform: something I’ve always strongly believed in. I don’t think it is right that the current first-past-the-post system ignores the views of so many voters.

As a councillor for Hatfield South West since May 2022 my priority is to ensure that I am seen and readily available to all of my residents and that their voice can be heard. I hold surgeries on the last Wednesday of each month at St. John’s Community Café and on the last Saturday of each month at The Hive (formally Jimmy Macs). I use these to help residents with issues including problems with their housing, anti-social behaviour, parking and council tax. I also lead a monthly litter pick for LoveWelwynHatfield encouraging residents to participate including many students from the University. Improving recycling and deterring fly tipping are big priorities for me. I am currently working hard to introduce recycling from flats in the ward, to establish a new local recycling facility and to re-introduce occasional cage days. Ensuring my residents know what is happening in their local community is also key and I seek to do this through a monthly newsletter which updates them on local news and how it impacts upon them.

Local democracy is important and I do all that I can to champion my local community.

Yours sincerely,

email: tim@welhatlibdems.org.uk

Tim Rowse
Tim Rowse - Hatfield South West Councillor