Russ Platt

Lib Dem Borough Councillor for Peartree (Welwyn Garden City)

Hi, I am Russ Platt and I have been a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Peartree since I was elected in May 2021.

I live here in Peartree with my wife and daughter, having moved to the ward in 2012 (was it really over a decade ago?).  As a family man, business owner and active member of the community, I have an all-round understanding of how a town and community works, and I love Welwyn Garden City. This was the reason that I entered the political arena, having worked with the local Lib Dem councillors as part of my role in our local residents association; it was a natural fit for me; so when they asked if I was interested in standing, I jumped at the chance.

I love doing work with, and for, members of the Peartree community. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than working to assist residents who, for many reasons, have been unable to resolve issues. The range of things I already get involved with is amazing, they range from getting hedges and verges cut back, to liaising with the WHBC housing team on home maintenance work, and helping community groups looking at planning applications.

I also currently sit on WHBC several panels and committees including the Cabinet Planning and Parking Panel (which deals with the local plan among other things), the Campus West Panel, which is extremely enjoyable, and the Audit Panel, which looks at council tenders, contracts, risk and expenditure. this is where I get to work for residents of the wider borough, something that is now a key park ot my role.

I hope that the varied personal and professional experiences I have gained, make me a councillor who can interact with all kinds of people and organisations to make progress for the ward and the town - after all that is what a councillor should do.

I am learning more about being a councillor every day and fully intend to keep doing so, to make me the best I can possibly be for the people that I represent.



Oh, and in my spare time I like bad dad jokes, eating Thai food, watching football and creating over-complicated Excel spreadsheets.

phone: 01707 532 531

Russ Platt - Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor
Russ Platt - Lib Dem Borough Councillor for Peartree (Welwyn Garden City)