First Budget of the Joint Administration passed by Council

7 Feb 2024
Cllr Jones presenting the budget

A very lively Full Council meeting on Monday 5th February 2024 saw the first budget of the Lib Dem / Labour Joint administration, passed by members. 

Our councillor and Cabinet Member for Resources, Duncan Jones presented the budget admirably, despite interuptions from Conservative members who did not want to hear how national mismagement of the economy was having a huge and detrimental effect on local government. Despite the failing economy, we have wrked together with Welhat officers and our Labour Cabinet colleagues to prepare, present and ultimately pass a balanced budget for the Borough, which is no mean feat in the current environment, and something many councils in the country will stuggle and indeed fail to do.

The budget was subsequently voted through by members, with the 17 Conservative members present voting against. C'est le vie!

A pleased, and a little exhasted Counillor Jones said, "I'd like to thank all the council officers who spent months and months of hard work in getting the budget to a stage where it could be balanced and passed by full council. A fantasic effort all round."

And well done to you too, Duncan!