Cardboard Recycling Scheme Launched

8 Jan 2024

The Lib Dem let council has started to tackle the scourge of waste cardboard that has blighted the botough for many years. For as long as we can recall, people have been unable to get rid of spare cardboard in the council ‘bring’ banks due to them getting blocked. Despite being instructed by councillors to come up with a solution, nothing happened until the new LibDem/Labour council took control. Now the council are running a pilot of collecting from your home, alongside the blue bin recycling.

Guess what – the Xmas period which is normally the very high peak of cardboard lying around, saw minimal waste cardboard. Action, not words, "We are really pleased how well residents have responded to this initiative’ said Sandreni Bonfante, LibDem environment portfolio holder. The full effects of the trial will be evaluated by the council and Sandreni over the coming months to see if it is a viable long term offering.